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The Art of Indian Cooking.

Aweekend class with chef Jassie Bakshi gets you out of your kitchen comfort zone and into cooking Indian food . On Saturday mornings in downtown Calgary, the heady scent of cumin wafts around a bustling crowd at the Glory of India. This 30-strong group has gathered together with one purpose: to learn the secrets of making perfect butter chicken. Cooking Classes Calgary - The group is seated, lecture-style, in the restaurant’s main dining area and met by Jassie Bakshi, an affable, gregarious Delhi native, owner of the restaurant and longtime veteran of the cooking industry. The next few hours are an extremely comprehensive look at Indian cooking — from the history to the methods to the ingredients — while Bakshi demonstrates the techniques required to master the art of Indian cooking.

Cooking Classes Calgary

Members of the audience are invited up throughout the morning to get messy and participate in the cooking process.Bakshi is an absolute performer, and a seasoned chef whose classical training shows through every step of the way. On the menu are vegetable pakoras, saag paneer (spinach with freshly made cheese), chicken tikka and tandoori chicken, and the crowd favourite, Cooking classes (which, incidentally, contains no butter). At home, you can use a whisk or your rubber gloves, but in my kitchen, you feel your food.Jassie Bakshi

Jassie Bakshi gives out dozens of tips and additional recipes that aren’t on the syllabus. He shows how to make homemade yogurt and ginger and garlic paste, and how slight differences in technique change the taste of a whole recipe. He also shows how to make recipe modifications for celiacs and those who are dairy-sensitive. You leave full, entertained, and with all the tools you need to create a fantastic Indian feast at home. A weekend Cooking Classes Calgary with chef Jassie Bakshi gets you out of your kitchen comfort zone and into cooking Indian food.

For more information on the restaurant and classes, call 403-263-8804. Cooking classes run most Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Next class will be on : 18/02/2017.

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